Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete my purchase without creating an account?

We recommend you create an account with us before placing your order in order to easily track your item, however you can also complete your purchase as a guest.

Can I create an account without confirming my address and contact information?

We require your contact information and address to complete your account registration. If your registered information is incorrect or incomplete, we will try to contact you before fulfilling your order. If we are unable to get in touch, we may need to cancel your registration and your order.

Can I create an account with an overseas billing address?

Please only use an address located in South Africa to register your account.

I forgot my password

For help in recovering your password please click here.

Can I update my account information such as my name, address, and email address?

You can update your personal information by logging into your account.

Can I add a new shipping address or update the registered one?

You can add a new shipping address, register multiple shipping addresses, or update your billing address by logging into your account. You will not be able to change the address displayed in your order history. 

I would like to close my account

If you would like to close your account please contact us directly here.